Connection and catalyst: the vision

The money and source work described here is based on the peterkoenigsystem®. I am very grateful to Peter König for allowing me to use his findings in my work.

Money work removes obstacles and releases energy.

The source work enables natural growth.

The vision is the link between money and source work and at the same time its catalyst.

From a bird’s eye view the order is: money work – vision finding – source principles.

For reasons of comprehensibility and to make clear how important it is, however, we have put the vision at the end of the series.

In a vision process, the available resources are activated in various stations based on the current situation. An effective vision process was developed by Peter’s life partner Barbara Kunz.

She calls this process she has developed, which she has successfully carried out in more than 25 years: “The path of the eight”:

Der Weg der Acht. Quelle: Barbara Kunz

The path of the eight. Source: Barbara Kunz


It generates the lasting motivation and clarifies the access for the new that is to emerge.

This part of the money, source and vision work is also an energetic and spiritual process. You start in your heart and go through the seven stations. These correspond to the seven chakras.

The result is a clearly formulated and succinct vision and orientation for the future.

The process helps in the search and in the need to become effective as a source. This energetic process follows the seven basic dimensions of humanity on this earth that are connected to the chakras:

  1. body, matter, roots
  2. feeling, joie de vivre
  3. power, effectiveness, success
  4. love, longing, responsibility
  5. creativity, intuition and expression
  6. knowledge, meaningfulness
  7. fulfillment, peace

In all stations, the necessary information is received from a higher source.

This intensive and holistic process brings the reorientation and vision finding for career and life with which you as a source succeed in realizing your initiative.

You can only become an effective source if you are 100% clear in your vision. The resulting energy helps to become active.

With a clear vision, one can successfully and holistically shape one’s own life and company as a source.

Bottom line

Money work shows blockades and obstacles on the way to success and the development of potential. It helps to remove these obstacles. At the same time, this releases energy.

The vision work follows on from this and offers a way to clarify the idea that led to an initiative and to strengthen the energy released by the financial work. That’s how you get started.

The Source Principles are an easy-to-handle guide to enabling the growth of an initiative and making it controllable. Until handover to a new source.

The Source Principles provide a framework that harmonizes excellently with the principles of various organizational approaches, creates clarity and transparency, and creates a natural flow.

Together, the combination of these three elements is a booster for personal and entrepreneurial development.