The source in the corporate context

The money and source work described here is based on the peterkoenigsystem®. I am very grateful to Peter König for allowing me to use his findings in my work.

A source is a founder person:

  • She has an idea (inspiration) for an initiative, a project or a business start-up. She feels an impulse to realize something. She’s seizing an opportunity.
  • She draws on this inspiration, knows what to do and takes an important first step.
  • With these first actions she takes a risk.
  • Sometimes this has matured longer, is a longing, a dream or it arises out of the moment.
  • She has a very special relationship to what she wants to create as a project and a deep inner connection.

We like to see these points as a “technical” approach, an “initiation” and “completion” of a project. But there’s more at stake here. It’s about the inspiration, creativity and intuition that come from within and that belong to it. This is also an energetic process.

Die Quelle / The source

The source

The source of an initiative

There is always only one source – a founder! Even if a group of people is enthusiastic about the realization of the idea, the “spark” always comes from only one person. This is the source.

The source first takes the risk, takes the first step and thus commits itself to the realisation of the idea or vision.

It is also the source of vision for the entire initiative or enterprise.

This makes it clear why a start-up or project initiative is always more than a “technical” start-up. It’s a connection to a heart theme. It expresses the connection to the vision of the founder personality and its uniqueness.

The source field

The activities generate an energetic field that is perceived by its environment – the source field.

Quelle mit Quellenfeld - Source with source field

Source with source field

The source of an initiative and the initial field that its idea and vision radiate at the beginning.

It is the sphere of action and influence of the source, an energy that is perceptible (mostly unconsciously) to other people:

As it progresses, the Source attracts other people through its energy and vision who have a similar vision or ideas that fit well with its own. Their energetic vibrations are on the same level.

Through the interest and the exchange with these people their field expands. The initiative is thus perceived even more strongly:

Quelle und Quellenfeld / Source and sourcefield

Source and sourcefield

The activities expand the source field

Or the source actively seeks support from people who think and feel similarly about the subject.

This is the step into the source organization that will be the subject of the next post.