With or without money. The potential is you!

The money and source work described here is based on the peterkoenigsystem®. I am very grateful to Peter König for allowing me to use his findings in my work.

Too good to be true, isn’t it?

Money work offers exactly this access to clarify and remove obstacles related to money.

What is this money anyway? Coins, banknotes, securities? The number in your online banking?

Take, for example, the statement: “Money is security. “By this statement, you outsource your own safety and link it to money.

If you then spend money, you feel insecure afterwards. Because you don’t want someone to notice you’re insecure, you’d rather not talk about it. So money is bound up with a lot of feelings. Often these thoughts originate from trained patterns that we are not aware of.

You’re projecting on money what you are!

If you clarify this relationship to money, it releases an incredible energy. It is about recognizing and clarifying the hidden fears and beliefs and to loosen the knot.

In Peter’s seminars this succeeds almost playfully. In the “Money Game” you can get to know your money patterns in a playful way.

If you want to develop your potential, money work is the biggest lever of all. The relationship with money shows the biggest personal challenge that you can solve to succeed.

This enables the development of potential, whether in the company or the employees. And the development of potential is an essential component that makes the company successful.

 “I see money as gold – in the sense of the development of individual and collective consciousness. The whole political, economic, ecological world is entangled with problems related to money and which we cannot solve without money awareness.” Peter Koenig

Money work is awareness work

The monetary system is so deeply anchored in our cells that it has become a powerful collective norm that we take for granted. We’re like a fish in water, we can’t see the water.

This is the central theme: the recognition and resolution of one’s own professional and private obstacles through the attribution of money. Because the way we look at money shows our hidden assumptions that prevent us from progressing.

“Money often comes only at the end of the development of consciousness, but it hits the shadows hidden deep inside, in the subconscious, which we can clear out of the way. “Peter Koenig

In the next part you will learn the connection between money and your own source.