Money work. Starting point for a fantastic journey to consciousness development

The money and source work described here is based on the peterkoenigsystem®. I am very grateful to Peter König for allowing me to use his findings in my work.

There is a deep meaning of money for personal and business success

Each of us attributes money an individual meaning. We like it, consider it a necessary evil or prefer not to have to deal with it.

Have you ever thought: “If I had enough money, I would start an initiative. Then I would have the opportunity to do what I really want and make my idea successful? “

With this you shift your actions into a future that seems difficult to achieve.

Other meanings we associate with money are for example:

  • “Merit” – We have to earn something first. A principle of today’s society: first performance, then payment. The merit. No merit without performance.
  • “Make a living” – We earn our living with money. So money is a prerequisite for us to live…? So do we have to earn our living?

Didn’t we just deserve our lives like this?

All this could be continued almost indefinitely. The importance we attach to money hides unconscious blockages that hinder us in our (entrepreneurial) activities and initiatives. If one recognizes these, one can act much more liberated.

That’s a bold statement, isn’t it? But this is exactly what the first component, money work, is all about.

What is money anyway?

Have you asked yourself that question before?

“We have a deep relationship with money without realizing how it really works in the world. “Peter Koenig


Please take a moment to complete the following sentence before continuing:


“Money is…”


What did you say? Money is “security”? Money is an enabler? Money is “freedom”?

It’s interesting what we think money is. It is only metal, a piece of paper or a virtual number…

Money is often a taboo and often associated with discomfort. This discomfort comes from your relationship to money, the way you look at money.

Some are ashamed if they have too little of it, others do not like to talk about how much they have of it.

What if this attribution to money shows where your biggest obstacles to success lie?

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