A new way to successfully shape life and business!

The money and source work described here is based on the peterkoenigsystem®. I am very grateful to Peter König for allowing me to use his findings in my work.

A still largely unknown but highly effective approach offers fascinating perspectives for corporate and project success as well as for personal development. It releases energy and creates a natural flow in the organization.

This post is part of a series of eight parts 🙂

Introduction – Money, Source, Vision. An unusual combination?

Money makes the world go round. Musical “Cabaret”

Everything starts with money. Everything seems to be about money. In life as in business. And that’s a good thing 🙂

Creating love

Creating love in business and life

If our relationship to money is so important, then it seems only logical to make the relationship to money the starting point of considerations for success and development. Right? Nevertheless, this is rather unusual and hardly anyone comes across it. That’s why it’s so interesting to deal with it.

Peter Koenig, who has been researching money and its influence on people, organisation and society for more than 30 years, starts right here. He discovered how our attitude to money can show us our blockages that stand in the way of success and potential development.

His findings on how we look at money can be found in his book “30 lies about money”. The book is not about the best investment strategy, but about what we generally understand by money and how this influences our lives and our energy to act.

With the subject of money alone, however, the consideration would be incomplete. Peter developed the source principles from his money work. An unusual but highly effective, very clear perspective on business creation, organisation and succession. A third component connects the money and source work: A powerful vision, gives direction and generates additional strength and motivation.

In the following, these three interlocking thematic fields of “money, vision and source work” will be presented in more detail. The findings of Peter Koenig’s work are currently neither taught at universities nor can they be found in general management literature. He currently only teaches them in this combination in his seminars. Look forward to the insight into this effective system in this blog series.

The relationship to money has spiritual aspects.

Money is a spiritual teacher. Peter König in Ladies Drive

The confrontation with what money is for us, with our relationship to money (the “money work”) brings us closer to our nature. It releases our potential. This in turn accelerates development much faster than anything else.

Money is also associated with feelings. For example, the feeling of fear. The idea of not having enough money creates uncertainty. The fear of poverty can paralyse us in our decisions and actions. Our development must therefore aim to act out of a self-confidence that makes us independent of our account balance.

More about this way in part 2