The Evolving Startup TM

EVOLVING STARTUP, is an initiative by Paul Takken and Reiner Ritter.

In the course of our work in various companies, we have noticed that despite all our efforts, working, organizing and changing often does not work.

We are convinced that the time has come to focus on people and to develop a new awareness of what it is to be a human being in a company and how we can re-integrate people in their wholeness.

Nature shows us how – evolution happens all the time. Development for people and organizations can and should also take place continuously, we do not have to wait until change or transformation programs become necessary.

We want to give suggestions to create sustainable and agile organization of the future, in which the flow between individuals, nature, technology and organization is encouraged.

Our Purpose:

We want to contribute to organizations becoming agile, responsive and learning organizations that are able to evolve out of themselves so that all participants can grow to their full potential. For this we offer food for thought, tools and of course, our personal support.


Paul Takken is an internationally recognized Agile Strategy Consultant and Coach from the Netherlands.

Over the past 5 years, Paul has been closely involved in the implementation of company-wide ‘agile transformations’ at ING Bank, TomTom and others, and in the introduction of agile working in various fields at several leading German automotive brands. Paul’s strength lies in his ability to involve all levels of the company – from the Board of Directors to the employees.

In addition to agile transformations, Paul also has many years of experience in agile project management and innovation. He has successfully completed extensive software and hardware projects for his customers.

Paul Takken is an international keynote speaker in the field of future agile methods and organizations. Together with Joe Justice, Paul is the world’s first proven expert and trainer in Extreme Engineering and Scrum in Hardware. This method, based on Lean and Agile, helps companies to quickly find and implement new technology and production processes.


Reiner Ritter has Austrian roots and grew up in Germany. He is active in DACH and Luxembourg as an organizational accompanist and coach.

For many years, Reiner has been intensively supporting companies in creating company-wide, agile structures and appreciates open, scalable approaches for agile, responsive and evolving organizations. Reiner is highly skilled in new organizational developments like ‘S3’ (Sociocracy 3.0) and ‘collegial leadership’.

He advises and accompanies companies, entrepreneurs, top executives, decision-makers and employees in their (long-term) development processes.

His experience ranges from small companies in the service sector to medium-sized companies and corporations in a wide variety of industries (including the automotive industry, consulting, banking, IT, multimedia, insurance, water treatment and others).

He sees his task in accompanying companies in such a way that they are able to develop themselves into a learning, agile and responsive organization.

Its strength lies in empowering all levels in the company to develop the necessary structures for the development of potential themselves, so that the inclusion of all is promoted to common success.

Reiner is talented in developing creative, pragmatic solutions in order to remove impediments that block better cooperation and development.

His goal is: Sheer working pleasure. Guiding organizations so that they will be able to use the real potential of their people. All of this in order to become more efficient and above all: “Live a life that’s worth living”.

Reiner Ritter